CerebrA atlas

Accurate anatomical atlases are recognized as important tools in brain-imaging research. They are widely used to estimate disease-specific changes and therefore, are of great relevance in extracting regional information on volumetric variations in clinical cohorts in comparison to healthy populations. The use of high spatial resolution magnetic resonance imaging and the improvement in data preprocessing methods have enabled the study of structural volume changes on a wide range of disorders, particularly in neurodegenerative diseases where different brain morphometry analyses are being broadly used in an effort to improve diagnostic biomarkers. In the present dataset, we introduce the Cerebrum Atlas (CerebrA) along with the MNI-ICBM2009c average template. MNI-ICBM2009c is the most recent version of the MNI-ICBM152 brain average, providing a higher level of anatomical details. Cerebra is based on an accurate non-linear registration of cortical and subcortical labelling from Mindboggle 101 to the symmetric MNI-ICBM2009c atlas, followed by manual editing.



Manera, A. L., Dadar, M., Fonov, V., & Collins, D. L. (2020). CerebrA, registration and manual label correction of Mindboggle-101 atlas for MNI-ICBM152 template. Scientific Data, 7(1), 1-9.