In the NIST lab we develop computer vision image processing algorithms for analysis of medical images that are focused on registration and segmentation. These techniques are applied to different research projects that include:
  • image guided neurosurgery
  • disease diagnosis, and
  • prognosis and quantification for diseases such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, schizophrenia and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia.

Interested in limited label AE training for Brainage? Have a look at Reza Rajabli’s poster Brain Age Prediction with Scarce Age Labels: A Semi-supervised Approach 0273 #OHBM2023 @nistlab @theneuro_mni @bbme_mcgill

Worried about sex and WMH? See Cassandra Morrison’s poster
‘The Influence of Sex on White Matter Hyperintensity Burden’ 2248
#OHBM2023 @nistlab @theneuro_mni @bbme_mcgill @cassmorrison01 @dadarmahsa

Do you use MRI templates to analyze neuroscience data? See Vladimir FONOV’s poster today
‘How many brain scans are enough?’ 2424 #OHBM2023 @nistlab @theneuro_mni @bbme_mcgill @vfonov

DWI in PD is informative. Have a look at Etienne’s St-Onge’s poster
‘Investigating diffusion-based measures in Parkinson’s Disease’ 1526
#OHBM2023 @nistlab @theneuro_mni @bbme_mcgill @StOngeEtienne

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