One RA position is open in the lab of Professor Louis Collins at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, McGill University as clinical liason for research in image guided neurosurgery of brain

Start date: Fall 2019/rolling

Salary: as per collective agreement

DescriptionThe Research Assistant will be involved in research within the NeuroImaging and Surgical Technologies (NIST) lab. He/she will interface between scientists, graduate students, research fellows, clinicians and patients. In addition to assisting in lab management, the applicant will work closely with the NIST team in projects related to image guided surgery in the laboratory and the operating room as well as working with patients to bring them for MRI scanning. The applicant will become a key resource person for the NIST lab, becoming a (power) user of our IBIS surgical navigation system and provide continuity over time (as students and fellows come and go) in dealing with the clinicians and the OR staff.

Requirements: The successful candidate will work with a team of engineers, computer scientists and clinicians in an open-software environment, learning to use new tools into our publicly available IBIS neuronavigation software platform ( The position requires a strong background in project management, experience working with multiple collaborators at the same time, assisting trainees and interacting with patients and study participants. In addition to the research duties, he/she will also require to train new students and other personnel if the need arises, and perform other related duties. Knowledge of neuroscience research (e.g., neuropsychology, imaging, neuromodulation) is required. Knowledge and understanding of the research environment locally, nationally, and internationally are good assets.

Example Tasks:

  • Intellectual input to the research analysis: The applicant will be expected to develop standard operating procedures to bring the IBIS navigation software into the operating room, to work with the surgeons and OR staff and to assist the students to test their specific tools and gather data in surgery.
  • Decision making and judgment in experimental design: The candidate will assist in the design, development and fine tuning of experimental design with the PI, graduate students and clinical fellows.
  • Data analysis: The incumbent will help carry out data acquisition and analysis and actively participate in the design and execution of further studies towards the goals of the NIST lab.
  • Contribution to manuscripts/publications: The candidate is expected to help design and execute experiments and analyze data with minimal supervision. He/she will analyze and prepare the data in final forms for presentation. He/she will also be required to prepare text and figures for manuscripts. He/she will thus potentially be a contributing author to the resulting publications.
  • Contribution to grant applications: The candidate is expected to keep abreast of the changes introduced by the funding agencies. He/she will help with grant writing, preparing budgets, documentation, preparing figures and appendices as needed. He/she will prepare progress reports as needed.
  • Ethics documentation: The candidate will prepare ethics submissions for different research projects in the NIST lab under the direction of the PI. The candidate will manage deadlines for applications/renewals with the MNI REB, maintain data for renewals (numbers of patients, papers, etc…), to prepare and submit ethics renewals.

Context: This position fits within an NSERC and CIHR-funded multi-site research project to improved precision in image guided neurosurgery through an open source collaborative software environment.

Follow instructions here to apply with JobID=Job2342.